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  • Please reference Account number: N/A

    June 18, 2018 by Admin User
  • I really am skeptical about sending out this message because it needlessly inconveniences you, my beloved customers.  It is necessary, however, as I have exhausted all means at my disposal to identify the sender of the check that I have received.

    The check is from Chemical Bank for $60.00.  On the check is: Please Post to Account: N/A

    I do not want to identify the payee for privacy concerns/reasons.  Suffice to say the payee is not identified as such in my billing database.

    If you, in the last week or two,  have processed an online bill pay with Chemical Bank to VWD.Com for $60.00 please contact me to identify the account that this check needs to be applied to.

    Again, I apologize for bothering you this message.


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